"I recall always taking pencil in hand to express and release my feelings. My drawing became a way of connecting with my inner and outer world. I would sketch animals, kingdoms and royalty - mostly princes and princesses - in my childhood. As an adolescent, I would "pencil" fears, breakthroughs and discoveries. Later, I drew portraits of loved ones.
Then I discovered colours, tempera, canvas, oil...the tools of painting...
At first, there was timid acquaintance with the textures on album-size paper. Soon, the size restricted me; I realized there was simply not enough space to explore and express the world that was unfolding in front of me. I had to go beyond the old boundaries.
I do not feel that my works belong to me completely. I feel more like a kind of a performer then a creator, as complete images drift in front of my mind's eye. These images seem to appear out of nowhere; they drive me to complete a "parallel" world which I can share with others and I can think about nothing else untill the painting is finished.
I feel the artworks to be alive...I can feel the life and breath of this world as it now appears on a canvas. I want to believe that my feelings associated with these paintings are not completely subjective. I can only hope that you too can feel and experience this world."
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